With flashlight – 3 occasions – 100 round fired 6 occasions, 4 hours /training Some drills include: one handed gun manipulation with flashlight, usage of flashlight while loading/reloading in the dark, usage of flashlight while movement, using cover, scanning and assisting.

those students can participate who have attended the 6-day basic training or those who, because of their work or sporting activity, can perform on that level. In this case they have to pass the 5GunCup exam with 75% minimum. 3-day training, each training lasts 3-4 hours and around 400-500 rounds are fired. Some drills include: Turning and moving, shooting from…


3-day training, the training is 3-4 hours long and on each training around 200-250 rounds are fired. Some drills include: how to use concealment, quick burst of multiple rounds, using cover, shooting from different body positions, one-handed gun manipulation.