About me

My name is Tamás Szikszay and I am a shooting instructor.

After serving in the military I served as a police officer for 19 years for different units.

I worked as a shooting instructor at Riot Police – Special Services – and my own unit. I’m currently giving classes on Police Officer University where I have been leading the Law Enforcement Shooting Section in the past 7 years. I have been teaching on a regular basis at Szolnok at the 88” Hungarian Army Airborne/Ranger Regiment. Currently I`m holding around 130-140 trainings every year with different weapons, from beginner to intermediate and advanced, combined level, both for individuals, pairs and small groups.

People in my Shooting Class as well as in my shooting association are bringing more and more prices home and I’m proud of that.

There is a difference in between the shooting instructor that works in the private sector and a shooting instructor that works for the armed forces. The difference is that the one working for the armed forces doesn’t evolve as he doesn’t learn from the students. This instructor will tell you what he has been taught to tell you and will meet the same unit in six months where he doesn’t have the chance to help them improve or correct any mistakes. This way this instructor as well as his students don’t evolve. If students would like to learn more – more than they have been taught, they will have to go to private instructors.

If you are working in the private sector – as I do – and you start with beginners who you have to bring to advanced level, you will have a lot of feedback that you can learn from. In this sector as an instructor you will have to adapt to certain situations, as your clients are result-driven and if they don’t get what they prayed for they will not come back to you.

Fortunately, my students come back to me – this is one of the reasons I left the service.

My professional activity also includes the management of the 5GunCup. I organise them, plan them, manage them and this allows me to bring a unique shooting competition to the people that has not been done before in Hungary or anywhere else.

One of my “in-house competition” the “Fast Combined” ( Combined weapons tactical simulational competition) is now an officially recognised competition in Hungary by the HDSSA (Hungarian Dynamic Sport Shooting Association) and it has its own branch that I lead.

I participate in competitions as well but now less as I left the armed forces and became a full time shooting instructor.

  • I’m most proud of my gold medal that I won in Poland in 2016 at the Longshot competition.
  • I became 2nd at Lest, at the Slovakian Armed Forces Tactical shooting competition in 2015.
  • I got bonze medal in Poland at the European Championship for 800-meter sniper competition. And there are a couple of others.

I am proud that my competitions are always booked out.

The 5GunCup Shooting Association has the official permit to give education to Police, Military and students of these as well as to sport shooters. This is how the 5GunCup Shooting School was formed.

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